The last ones who told me I could learn from a plush toy were my daughters. Of course, I acknowledged. Yet, it dawned on me: after ten years of life, the PHP plush has achieved so much! It went to the White House and Antarctica; it spawned forty thousand offspring and a jet-set generation of collectors; it built bridges within and outside the community. The PHP elephpant is the living symbol of the PHP community, straight from the genius of Vincent Pontier. It is a whole character, running across the world and changing colors all the time. Everybody need elephpant love ! Nowadays, it is alive and kicking. It still reviews my code, casting an odd look to me, once in while. No one can have enough elePHPant.


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David Mohamed at 11:08 on 8 Jun 2021

Briliant and captivating as usual. Amaze to see how this grew from one fun thing to an institution

Gene Surov at 11:13 on 8 Jun 2021

It was fun, I learned next to nothing.

Great collection of stories and full of pictures of plush elePHPants. Well done!

Good stories.

Nice to know what can be behind a simple gadget.