It's that time of the year again: you've been putting it off for a long time, but your PHP project is starting to become a mess, and you don't have a plan on how to bring some order in the chaos. Complexity is always lurking around, threatening your productivity, and we constantly need to fight it. Luckily, it is very much possible to organize your code in such a way that it is easier to maintain long-term, you just need a good plan! In this talk, we will focus on how to take greenfield and brownfield projects, and practical approaches taken by the speaker to keep them under control. We will apply tools and structural/architectural patterns that worked in the field, and which may be useful next time you start to feel like everything is starting to become too confused.


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Brilliant, nothing more to add.

Gene Surov at 18:30 on 19 May 2022

Legendary! Always the best talks! Very practical, very motivational!
Thanks Marco for the great talk!

Practical and easy to follow

dParadiz at 08:23 on 20 May 2022

Entertaining and insightful

Gregor Novak at 09:13 on 20 May 2022

Very energetic and straight to the point. Marco hits on all the right places when we talk about managing a project in various team sizes.

Matteo Contri at 09:25 on 20 May 2022

I love Marco method: "I will tell my opinions, my thoughts and my conclusions. Take them and elaborate for yourself"

This is why I enjoy these kinds of talks: Great insight from working with various teams and projects. Learnings taken from the experience and what the pain points can be and even more important can be prevented.

Also learned about AWS Snowmobile, amazing! hahaha

Outstanding as always

Great talk, very useful advises and tools. Thanks!

Very Entertaining

James Titcumb at 20:07 on 20 May 2022

Marco is extremely charismatic, but also extremely knowledgeable. This is a talk you have to see to get an insight into application architecture.

Andrea Sprega at 22:46 on 22 May 2022

Easily the best talk of phpday 2022. Marco's opinions and advices are always unconventional, strongly opinionated, sometimes extreme, and that's why they're super valuable. I'd love to see a lot more content along these lines from other speakers!