Building of a test environment for PhpUnit based on a PHP non-test-native application built on Phalcon framework. Identification of the useful and necessary components for the creation of a complete environment for writing test cases and their execution. CI/CD structuring with GitLab and GitLab Runner.


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Armando and Tobia told us an interesting story. Maybe showing some concrete examples of their work would have helped supporting the attractiveness of the talk.

Gene Surov at 12:43 on 20 May 2022

Guys shared their story how they setup testing of their project. Of course it's hard to make a first talk and there's where to improve. But it's a good experience. Keep it up guys!

Matteo Contri at 12:50 on 20 May 2022

Need to work on duration of the speech (was too short and information too condensed).
Was not so trivial to follow, could be far better because they used a very unique approach for many layers

Interesting, but the talk need for sure some adjustments. Also, unfortunately it was too short (and that's a pity)

It would have been interesting a dig into the technical details of some of the complicated parts and not staying only at a macro level

Good story, but the delivery needs some adjustments

dParadiz at 20:01 on 20 May 2022

Interesting story but presentation needs some work.

Andrea Sprega at 23:10 on 22 May 2022

The topic has potential to become an interesting talk, but I think it lacked mainly two things: context as to why a new test suite was needed (I'm assuming it wasn't the first test suite for the project, and maybe the existing one had specific issues), and also some practical examples of how specific things were implemented and specific problems were solved. In the end, it was too much of a generic list of things that were made to create a test suite, which did not deliver a lot of value. I'm sure this talk will be improved for next conferences, keep up the good work!