Testing can be more intuitive, user-friendly, and productive than you think! This talk introduces you to Pest - a delightful PHP Testing Framework with a focus on simplicity. It was carefully crafted to bring the joy of testing to PHP. Check out the website: pestphp.com. Get ready for a live-coding session, where I unveil all the goodies of this new open-source testing framework. After this talk, you’ll be able to use Pest in your everyday PHP.


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From the creator of Pest, a brilliant showcase of it's main features. Nuno was very engaging, if you never used Pest before, give "testing on steroids" a chance!

Gene Surov at 12:21 on 20 May 2022

Great talk by Nuno, the author of Pest. Great introduction to the Pest, how to start using and what's the advantages over PHPUnit. Great tool, great talk. Thanks Nuno!

Gregor Novak at 12:33 on 20 May 2022

Great talk by Nuno, he presented Pest testing framework in a live demo. He compared PHPUnit and Pest code side by side and it is very obvious how Pest test code is much easier to write and reason about it.

Very well presented and live-coded :)

Matteo Contri at 12:45 on 20 May 2022

Nuno captivated attention for all the speech.
The presentation was brilliant, the live demos showing some feature of pest are all well done and transmitted the enthusiasm of trying the test framework

Very engaging speaker and well executed talk. I wanna try pest as soon as possibile.

Great talk, engaging and interesting. Not convinced about the approach, but still interesting :)

Roberto Butti at 17:30 on 20 May 2022

Amazing talk. Nuno is a great speaker. Honestly I already know PestPHP, but Nuno is able to capture your attention and keep the interest of the audience high. A lot of examples, a lot of use case. Brilliant!

Always good to see developer experience addressed with care

dParadiz at 19:57 on 20 May 2022

Nice presentation with live examples.

Andrea Sprega at 22:59 on 22 May 2022

Live-coding presentations are always very interesting to follow and never boring. Greatly presented showcase of the functionalities of Pest.