Having a good suite of automated tests simply isn't enough to ensure your application continues to behave as expected and that your code base continues to be maintainable. In this talk Chris draws on his real-world experiences to discuss tools he believes should be used alongside your tests. You'll be introduced to code linters, static analysis tools, and build servers by someone who used to have to do this work both ways, uphill, and in the snow.


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Gene Surov at 11:10 on 19 May 2022

Grumpy as always :)

A giant of the PHP community literally standing out of the stage.
A motivational talk on testing, with a little bit of grumpyness.
Loved it.

Empathy is always the key. A great talk... A little too "repetitive" for me... But with great lessons on how a developer should approach to tests and interact with others

James Titcumb at 12:19 on 19 May 2022

Good focus on the fact it's not just tests and tools needed to make the cogs tick.

dParadiz at 13:24 on 19 May 2022

Talk worth listening to.

Always worth listening

Gregor Novak at 09:02 on 20 May 2022

Nice talk, although a lot of this was already known to me, it was good to re-iterate it.

Thanks for jumping in on short notice. Very good points to that tests are not everything.

Really liked it

I think that empathy is really important in every working environment, so glad to see that it is also shared in these kind of talks!

rf at 16:22 on 20 May 2022

the Canadian guy rocks. as always. I remember the first time I heard he talking about empathy and the phrase "programmers need to learn empathy". https://devhell.info/post/2017-01-10/necromantic-spies-and-imagined-corporate-friends/ . "Being empathetic"... does anyone even talk anymore about it? In this 2 days we have heard a lot of "my" , "I", "my team" , "my project"... only few (Hartjes and Buchmann for example) seem to take (naturally!) another approach...

Andrea Sprega at 22:36 on 22 May 2022

Content was not particularly new to me, but overall full of very good advices. It was very easy to follow and very entertaining.

Excellent talk by Chris. Really enjoyed it.