There is a lot of frustration among developers when they need to work with the old code, usually called “legacy”. But there is way more legacy code running than non-legacy out there in the world. Developers like starting from scratch but that is not often the case. If they want to successfully replace legacy with newer code they need to start with appreciation and respect for that legacy code because it somehow runs and there is no guarantee that new code will do a better job.


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Good content and really entertaining. Ideal for the last session of the day.

Oleksandr at 17:51 on 18 May 2023

Great presentation and interesting content. Thank you!

Luca Masno at 18:14 on 18 May 2023

Great talk

Perfect talk to end the first day of the phpday! Interesting and entertaining

Samuele Lilli at 10:12 on 19 May 2023

Interesting talk delivered in a funny and entertaining fashion. Great way to close the day.

Great talk!

Fun fun fun! Legacy code is fun and this talk was great at demonstrating it ;-)

Davide Bicego at 14:52 on 19 May 2023

Vero engaging, fast (in a good way) and funny

Simone C. at 19:24 on 19 May 2023

Good talk very well proposed: funny and engagingly

This was brilliant, hilarious but so real.