Ondřej Mirtes develops PHPStan, a popular open-source static analyser, as his full-time job. In this talk he'll share all the aspects that go into the project: development, prioritization of issues and ideas, community management, making money, and marketing. Most of the takeaways from the talk apply to any project, not just the open-source ones. It will give the attendees a few ideas how they can improve their daily work too.


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Oleksandr at 10:32 on 18 May 2023

Nice insights into how PHPStan is developed

Ralf Jahr at 10:33 on 18 May 2023

Liked it, would habe liked to sea a bit more technical internals about phpstan.

Nice talk, too bad it ran a bit too long, so no time for questions

Mario Ravalli at 10:42 on 18 May 2023

I can stop searching for a project to contribute to

Very good talk, packed with info, stories and good suggestion coming out from experience.

Only nitpick, the speaker talks fast and with a bit of an accent, so it's kinda hard to maintain enough concentration to understand everything.

Ondřej is always super! Thanks for these insights about PhpStan!

Luca Masno at 14:34 on 18 May 2023

Nice talk

Good talk but as others pointed out it was a bit difficult to follow

Interesting but I’d like to know more on how the software actually works and why

Davide Bicego at 14:48 on 19 May 2023

Great work on phpstan but the presentation was a bit slow and not really engaging.
I appretiated the sharing of numbers regarding the project!

Simone C. at 19:11 on 19 May 2023

Good talk and thanks for sharing some "private" numbers.

Little bit scared me the idea that a tool so used and useful is practically maintained by only one person

James Titcumb at 12:40 on 23 May 2023

Interesting content, relatable too. Great opening keynote.

As an OpenSource maintainer it was interesting to listen about the experience.

Nice, maybe speaker was a little hard to follow because of speed