Version 10 is probably the biggest update so far for PHPUnit. Almost all internals of PHP's most widely used testing framework and test runner have undergone long overdue changes to improve the developer experience of those who work on PHPUnit. This presentation, however, focuses on the improvements that were made for those that write and run tests with PHPUnit every day. Join Sebastian Bergmann, creator, and maintainer of PHPUnit, to learn everything you need to know about PHPUnit 10. You will experience new features, big and small, in action and see how they can support you to effectively and efficiently test your software.


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Oleksandr at 12:10 on 19 May 2023

Really interesting information about the new PHPUnit versions and how to handle E(_USER)_* events

Great talk, so much useful info and insight on one of the most used tool in PHP.

Davide Bicego at 15:00 on 19 May 2023

Nice insights on the phpunit project and on what Sebastian faced, and is still facing working on phpunit 10

Great talk, great tool, thanks for these new features and insights!

Phpunit rocks! Good talk btw

Simone C. at 19:25 on 19 May 2023

Good talk

Good intro into PHPUnit 10 and great answers on potential "why"s about the new version backwards compatibility breaks.