Everyone knows SOLID programming principles, the essence of modern object-oriented programming. But there are additional higher-level principles coined by Robert C. Martin that help to determine and measure isolation boundaries between packages, modules, microservices etc. In this talk you’ll get into principles of package cohesion and coupling. We’ll highlight the shortcomings, tradeoffs and key points of usage and dive into D-metrics. After the talk you’ll add more tools that help you write better code and design better systems overall.


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Oleksandr at 10:45 on 19 May 2023

Found a lot of useful information on how to build packages

Good talk! He introduced some formulas and metrics i didn't know about and worth diving into. It would be better to have examples in PHP instead of Java, so that they would be clear at the first glance.

Very interesting talk!

James Titcumb at 12:42 on 23 May 2023

Learnt some new stuff here, something I plan to investigate a bit more soon! Thanks