The PHP ecosystem is very rich and mature, and offers you a lot of stable and widely used tools, frameworks and libraries. Symfony evolved long ago from a monolithic framework into a collection of very useful and reliable components, but one component in particular (in my opinion) really stands out: Symfony Messenger. In a single package, you have an easy way to dispatch messages and tasks to sync and async handling, with enough abstraction to support a variety of transports natively, and a long list of useful patterns already implemented and ready to be used out of the box. In this talk, I'll recount how Symfony Messenger successfully replaced a lot of the code that I had to write by hand in the past multiple times, how I successfully used it in different situations, all the features and tricks that you can leverage with it, why it's important to use them and which pitfalls you may encounter using this tool.


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The topic is super interesting and the real-world scenario stories are brilliant.
The speaker delivered the presentation with a well-balanced mix of technical content and storytelling, maintaining the right rhythm throughout.

Daniel Leech at 15:17 on 17 May 2024

Thorough introduction to Symfony messenger, including some great insights and pitfalls, good talk!

Maico Orazio at 16:43 on 17 May 2024

Well talk!!! I received new ideas and advanced features for using Symfony Messenger in my projects.
Thanks for the reply

Lorenzo Sequi at 16:46 on 17 May 2024

I knew Symfony but I started studying it just from one year but Symfony messenger is one of the best tools Symfony offers!
Great talk, thank you!

Talk was awesome, the storytelling and components overview very well balanced.
I think you could have added a bit more examples about orchestrating the command at deployment (why you need to restart it, the memory leak issues, etc). You could also stress a bit more the fact that it's very easy to integrate. We should not be afraid, it's a robust and prod ready component. Anyway the talk was very great, thanks a lot

Never predictable, always clear, and always with a critical and technical perspective.
When I grow up, I want to be like you. Well done, Bravo!
I will have to face the "messenger" monster in the next quarter. Thank you for making my life easier.