GraphQL is a powerful API query language that allows a web client to ask and receive the exact shape of the data it needs. As an alternative to REST, GraphQL promises to eliminate over-fetching data, reduce the need for multiple API calls, and let engineers move faster by leveraging the powerful developer tooling it enables.

PHP and GraphQL work great together, and whether you’re building a greenfield application or working in a existing codebase it’s easy to get started writing a GraphQL API. This talk will introduce you to GraphQL, and demonstrate how you can build and use a such an API, in PHP, today.


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This was a nice introduction and helped me understand more about implementing GraphQL in PHP. I wish there had been more time to go deeper into implementation details.

Philip Sharp at 13:15 on 28 Jul 2018

Great overview of both the theory and implementation. The slides were well designed. The presentation felt a little rushed.