Wouldn't it be great if everyone had a DBA to design and manage data for you? Most places don't have this luxury, instead the burden falls on the developer. Your application is awesome, people are using it everywhere. But is your data storage designed to scale to millions of users in a way that's economical and efficient? Data modeling and theory is the process of taking your application and designing how to store and process your data in a way that won't melt down. This talk will walk through proper data modeling, choosing a data storage type, choosing database sofware, and architecting data relationships in your system. We'll also walk through "refactoring data" using normalization and optimization.


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Fantastic session. When you mentioned it'd be an introduction, I was worried, but it was great anyway. Ran long but I would have been fine if it'd gone another hour.

Like Clark said, I wish there would have been more time. Unfortunate we had to skip over a bunch at the end.

Jake Moote at 22:36 on 27 Jul 2018

Great session. Elizabeth was very engaging and kept it interesting. I agree with others that it was unfortunate that we ran out of time would have loved to hear more.

Jenny J at 10:48 on 28 Jul 2018

Fantastic talk. I took 2.5 pages of notes, more than any other session, including tutorials. Thank you for such an informative talk!

Dan Reinders at 11:31 on 28 Jul 2018

Brilliant! I’ve added Liz to my list of don’t miss speakers.

TJ McKenzie at 11:41 on 28 Jul 2018

Great talk. Covered the basics, along with additional detail I was not quite aware of.

There are two ways to learn this stuff: from painful experience, or listening to Liz give this talk. Fantastic!

Dave Stokes at 15:16 on 28 Jul 2018

Typical brilliant presentation from Ms. Smith