Symfony 4 is out! And it's the best Symfony ever! Faster! Re-imagined developer experience! And easier to create the feature you need! In this workshop, we'll bootstrap a new Symfony app and learn about Symfony Flex: the secret behind the fact that Symfony automatically scales from a "microframework" to a "macroframework" as your app grows. We'll also leverage the new dependency injection features that will let us build the same high-quality features in a fraction of the time and code. Let's rock!


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I wish I had more time to port one of my existing projects over to Symfony.

Great intro to the mechanics of a small symfony app. Ryan's excitement was contagious :)

Ryan is very enthusiastic, which makes his talks fun to experience! I really appreciated his use of a shared document where he would type basic text and code as we went through. It made it much easier to follow along! I had never coded in PHP before and I still had pretty much no problem keeping up!