Many developers, including myself, deal with mental health issues, yet mental health in the developer community is often overlooked, hidden, or swept under the rug. Too many of us suffer in silence and end up hurting our professional and personal relationships, or even worse, ourselves.

What can be done to help de-stigmatize mental health issues? How can we, as a community, band together to help those of us with mental health issues feel more welcome in tech?

Together, we can work to Erase the Stigma associated with mental illness.


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Jenny J at 10:52 on 28 Jul 2018

Tech needs more talks like these. Thank you for a very informative, inclusive talk.

Very similar to Joe Ferguson's talk on Friday but this is important enough that it should be given multiple times per day.

The best part of this talk is the numbers - more more of the numbers
Often people don't realize the financial and societal impact of these problems. And it's hard to convince most programmers without facts :)

I would have loved a "fact sheet" included with this talk to potentially take back to the workplace to help spread the message.