Git is a standard hammer in our toolkit as programmers. But what all is Git good for, and more importantly what are the ways to use Git? We'll uncover the basic workflows with Git and come to realize there's no right way to work with Git there's only the way that maybe makes you the least frustrated some of the times. This talk is formed with the basis of working with numerous Git patterns and trying it all to attempt Git nirvana and realizing nothing comes close for everyone.


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Dan Reinders at 11:19 on 28 Jul 2018

Information content was good. However, I found myself focusing on the speakers verbal pause “right”.

Nearly every phrase was punctuated by “right”.

Jenny J at 11:44 on 28 Jul 2018

Interesting talk, though you're going to want to work on saying "right?" a little less. It's distracting from the content you're presenting.

Decent talk but nothing new for me, so I wouldn't attend it again. I suppose saying "right" every second sentence is better than "um" (which I'm guilty of) but it was extremely distracting.