Contribute to Open Source!

Everyone tells you that you need to. What if you don't want to run an Open Source project? What if you just need something to work? What if you just want to use Open Source, can you still make a contribution? Of course you can!

In this talk we will look at three broad groupings of roles that you can play in any Open Source project. Take a look around, find your role and your project and make a difference.


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It's always fun to see how the talk has evolved. Insightful + funny keynote with just the right amount of self-deprecating humor.

Great keynote, perfect tone to start the day. Don't forget wizards. Rockstars, ninjas, and wizards.

Jenny J at 10:04 on 28 Jul 2018

Great stuff to think about how to be involved in OS without necessarily contributing to code.

TJ McKenzie at 11:16 on 28 Jul 2018

Great way to start to day, getting excited about OSS again.

As a new developer I felt that this talk gave me examples of small, actionable steps I can take to contribute to the Open Source community, even without having a lot of previous knowledge!