Curious about what all this Laravel hype is about? Want to see Rapid Application Development first hand? Tired of your old and busted PHP 5.2 framework?

Join us for a half day of Laravel training. We cover the ecosystem to getting local development to major features and even how to deploy to production.

This class covers Laravel 5.3, application architecture, application testing, best practices, real world implementations, and exercises to but what you learn into action.


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Jenny J at 09:22 on 28 Jul 2018

Great session. A ton of stuff I had been struggling with clicked into place after attending this session. Inadvertently, I also learned a lot about how PHPStorm handles composer and laravel installs, and it's changing how I create projects.

I also found the portion on database migrations immensely helpful, and I am going to change how my databases are set up for a side project based on the info I learned in this session.