This conference used OpenCFP, an open source PHP web application for accepting talk proposals. As the lead developer on the project, I wanted to make sure I was releasing code into production that was good enough to share with others with minimal friction.

Being someone who is way deep into testing, I discovered that having tests wasn't enough to ensure the quality I was looking for.

In this talk I'll share my thoughts on some tools that I think complement a good test suite:
* continuous integration tools
* mutation testing
* static code analysis
* code style checkers
* and also discuss the growth of the project and how we successfully integrate submissions from developers around the world.

If you're looking to apply some structure to your development workflow, these tools and concepts are a great place to start!


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Great look at exactly why tests aren't enough and what to do about it. I feel like we gloss over opportunities for human error too much and pointing them out is important.

Dan Reinders at 11:36 on 28 Jul 2018

Worthwhile. I appreciate the inclusion of empathy.

Really great, personal insight into how he became an advocate for testing and why testing isn't always enough. I was hoping for content on mutation testing, but empathy outweighs pretty much everything else.