Every change to a codebase increases technical debt leaving it less stable, bug-prone, and closer to technical bankruptcy requiring a rewrite. Let's explore how to measure technical debt to gain a score and highlight the current condition of a PHP application. We will then introduce simple steps for improving code quality, deliver new features faster, and lower project stress.


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Philip Sharp at 13:21 on 28 Jul 2018

A lot of information crammed into this talk (and on the slides). Would be interesting to also consider what isn't technical debt, since the term is often used so loosely.

TJ McKenzie at 14:26 on 28 Jul 2018

Great talk. Adam gives a lot of good advice about refactoring over time, to tackle technical debt.

Great talk, though the content bordered more on code quality and preventing technical debt in the first place rather than digging out from under existing debt. Prices on the slides — especially when some are in Euros and others in USD — were also somewhat distracting; it might make sense to leave off specific pricing in the future.

Jake Moote at 21:22 on 28 Jul 2018

Good talk on why technical debt is bad and some tips on how to avoid it. Adam also seemed very comfortable and experienced as a speaker and was very engaging. I agree with Steve that it may have been nice to hear a bit more about dealing with already accrued technical debt.