MySQL 8 is a major redesign of the most popular database on the web. it will have a true data dictionary (no more .frm, MYI, or other little files) which means you can have millions of tables within a schema. Windowing Functions and Common Table Expressions are available, multi plane character support (because you need emojis in your data), user roles, more JSON functions, and big optimizer improvements. And there will be a better 'out of the box' user experience. And you will learn what happened to MySQL 6 and MySQL 7.



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MySQL 8 looks amazing, I can't wait to finally get my day job upgraded to it.

Jenny J at 10:43 on 28 Jul 2018

I love that the new features are being introduced as plugins, very knowledgeable talk.

Dan Reinders at 11:28 on 28 Jul 2018

Very good session.