Wordpress for the Modern PHP Developer


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Great talk on how to bring Wordpress up to a more modern development process.

The only thing I'd say is to have better contrast on some of the slides (especially the code!) but that was partially down to the bad projector.

Thanks Ashley, I'll be updating the code screenshots with a different sublime theme for the next time it's shown! (should be fine for the slides pdf).

Great talk, Chris. Being a designer/front end dev, a few points were a little over my head but I expected this! I will endeavor to try some of the processes you mentioned as I work with Wordpress a lot both inside and out of work, and I know they would be of benefit to me.

Just to echo the point about the code samples on the screen; they were quite hard to read! The slide set was great though - there wasn't too much to take the audience's focus away from yourself speaking, and with the odd amusing slide chucked in for good measure (which I'm always a fan of).

For your first talk you spoke clearly and concisely, and I look forward to seeing you speak again in the future :)

I really enjoyed this talk. The research and level of detail Chris went into really showed.

Each of the sections through the talk seemed to be tied into solving a real-world problem for Wordpress Developers which made it very easy to relate to.

There was good humour to break up the code examples (hard to read!), perhaps a summary page at the beginning to tell us how many sections, and what to expect in each section would have been nice.

Fantastic, thanks for doing it!

Anonymous at 14:27 on 4 Mar 2015

Really good talk. Slides could have been a bit easier to read but overall really helpful

Excellent talk Chris, wouldn't have known it was your first if you hadn't said so. Informative, well structured, and you clearly knew your stuff. Coming from a .NET background, there were a few things I wasn't too familiar with, but your content was clear enough that I was still able to follow what you meant.

If I had to point out a negative, it would only be the slight difficulty in reading some of the dark background code examples, as mentioned by others - but if this is all people can pick up on, then you know you're doing something right! Thanks Chris, and look forward to seeing more talks from you in future :)

As a first time speaker Chris did an awesome job. The amount of preparation that went into this talk clearly showed.

It was really engaging and really made me sit up and think about Wordpress in a new light.

Chris *needs* to be submitting this to other user groups, conferences and meetups. It contains loads of great advice on how to use Wordpress with modern development techniques rather than in-spite of them.

My only comment has already been mentioned and acknowledged. Contrast on code samples needs work! (But our projector is pretty poor as well so didn't help)

Well done Chris. Thanks for speaking at PHP Dorset!