Web Sockets


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A great intro to Web Sockets with some live demo; brave man!

Great intro on what it is and when and how to use it. Some great questions at the end and a great audience engagement! Not much more you can ask from that :)

The only thing I would say, do a bit more research on the different technologies or just put it in such a way that these are the technologies that you've looked into. Dealing with absolutes is a bit risky if you don't know your audience.

But overall, I really enjoy it. You should really do more talks :)

A really good introduction to Web Sockets. The talk highlighted the main concepts with useful diagrams, and consisted of a live demo which was very effective.

Rob's delivery of the talk was great and it definitely kept the audience engaged.

I'm definitely going to look into Web Sockets after this. Thanks!

Great intro, demo and overview of why and how to use Web Sockets. Definitely going to ponder next time I need to do some AJAX calls whether it would fit the case and be more elegant and efficient solution to use WS. Thanks for that!