Development of Behat and PHPSpec tools cause, that BDD started to show up in minds of PHP developers. How we currently understand this methodology? Is it become effective and helpful in our everyday work? What problems and fails we can meet during tries of applying this methodology to our project?

During this talk, you will see how we can use BDD for modeling our application. One of the benefits will be an application that is not hardly coupled with the framework. So, it will give you the possibility of easy integration with that kind of tool. Also integrating with other infrastructure elements will be easy to implement. Everything thanks to use of ports and adapters approach.


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Interesting topic to cover, but little bit messy and boring. Needs more energy I think. Loved some example. Definitely will try BDD approach.

Seems like a practitioner of BDD. Nice samples. My advice is to give more info which help in grasping the idea of BDD, try to do not use different words describing ports and adapters with classes and implementation without explaining why and don't dive into detail when speaking about BDD in general. Best wishes.