Change is Software’s greatest threat, and its defining characteristic. Disagree? How’s that Agile Transformation going for you?

We will explore this cognitively-dissonant statement as we investigate the challenges that we’ve faced, how we continue to fail to address them, and what we can do tame this raucous beast.


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Very nice prelection. I enjoyed it a lot. Now I have a lot of links to study. Thank you!

Best speech. Very powerful and motivational.

Really like the talk! I think we should show that talk to some of business stakeholders and bosses as well ;)

Piotr Horzycki at 23:12 on 4 Mar 2019

Very good, charismatic talk. Chris put his heart and soul into it. When he was talking about sprints, he was literally running back and forth onstage.

Awesome talk. Funny, energetic, with interesting ideas. I enjoyed the talk a lor!