This session teaches you how to detect and debug PHP scripts with the open source tool Xdebug, focusing on the new features in Xdebug 2.6.

The first part will quickly show how to get started with Xdebug. The second part of the session will cover detecting problems in your scripts by showing how Xdebug provides debugging aides in the form of stack/function traces, dumps of variables, modified PHP functions. In the last part I will show the remote debugger capabilities of Xdebug with different IDEs, where you can: set breakpoints on functions, methods and file/line combinations and evaluating error messages. On top of this you will also see how you can use Xdebug's profiler to find bottlenecks in your applications. I will be focusing on the least known features of Xdebug.


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Nice talk. I enjoyed it.

Very good talk - good content and presented very well

Piotr Horzycki at 23:14 on 4 Mar 2019

Very well presented. Although I already knew most of the topics, Derick is a very nice guy and he speaks fluently. It was nice to listen to him.