A quick and humorous summary of the most important design patterns, on real-life examples and clear context.

A lot of developers have tried to learn design patterns with mixed results. The sources on the topic are usually hard to grasp, the examples being artificial and wrong most of the time. I'll explain how to apply correct design patterns to problems I myself encountered in my work, most of which you probably know as well. Technologies and libraries come and go, but this knowledge will be relevant and has been for a long time.


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Bartłomiej Kwiatek at 10:38 on 30 Jun 2018

Funny and really good example of design patterns. Bravo!

Michał at 22:22 on 30 Jun 2018

Simply perfect! Lots of examples from real life and funny theme of lecture.

Grand Software at 10:47 on 2 Jul 2018

Świetna prezentacja, spójna.