Have you ever had to integrate with a badly documented API? Was it fun or productive? Or maybe you're maintaining a public or internal API and you're tired of people asking you why your API works differently than described in docs? Let's face it, writing and maintaining documentation can be a chore. But there's also a simpler approach. During my speech, I'll show you how to use OpenAPI and PHP to generate, maintain and, most importantly, test your documentation.


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Really like the talk. Nice to learn how in GOG API documentation is maintained and how you working with that!

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Gabriel Caruso at 16:31 on 9 Sep 2019

Congratulations on the talk, Mieszko.

The way you present the ideas of DDD (Documentation Driven Development) were interesting because you compared with the comom approach: code first, documentation later.

Also, smooth english and really calm during the whole presentation, congrats!