Do you know, when you are writing a test, something isn't going right and you get a failure message "Failed asserting that false is true"? Let's see how we can improve our test's assertion in other to get more helpful errors by using dedicated PHPUnit assertions. We're going to see how we can make our suite of tests stricter, avoiding PHP's false-positives weakness. Also, we'll be seeing how PHPUnit works under the hood, from the assertion method to the verification itself.


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Very good, nice and interesting presentation :) I've discovered some unexpected stuff behind the PHPUnit scenes + very engaging form of presentation

Karol Kreft at 23:18 on 10 Sep 2019

I like the way Gabriel is presenting his talks, he seems so natural in engaging audience. It was noticeable during the discussion about mocking at unconf too.

Maybe you could mention also about creating our own project-based assertion, do you think it's worth to create them, do they allows us to make tests itself more readable? It's probably bigger topic than the title says.

BTW here is a lib that allows to mock final classes . Good luck ;)

This talk made me realize how simple improvements can have a lot of effect on software development. Well prepared and very engaging