Impact mapping is a strategic planning technique which complies with agile, lean startup and design thinking principles. It perfectly works for planning software products and projects and it can also work well for non-IT business. In this tutorial, participants have a chance to learn the impact mapping technic in practice by preparing their impact maps in small groups.

During the workshop participants are split into groups of 4 to 5 people. They choose the problem they will work on (from a list of IT and non-IT problems) and they prepare an impact map step by step. They start with shaping the goal, then they define actors, desired impacts and deliverables. And the end they try to find the shortest path through the map.

70% of the time is dedicated to hands-on work in groups and 30% of the time is spent on theory presentation.


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Karol Kreft at 22:22 on 10 Sep 2019

During workshops attendees had a task to find a possible solutions for a business problem using Impact Mapping tool. It quickly shows up that we had a lot of ideas that could help, after that we started valuated them and here is where the biggest strengh of this technic is beared.

Szymon was great prepered for the workshops, he allowed us to choose the problem that we were going to solve. He also shared his valuable experince in using Impact Mapping based on real examples.

I can't wait for using this technic in my daily chalenges.