Environment as a Service (EaaS) is about giving developers the ability to spin up production-like ephemeral environments for development, preview and testing, so that developers can focus on direct productive activities, like designing and implementing the code, or spend more time on (automated) testing activities. Having the ability to effortlessly create environments at their fingertips enables developers to have a much faster feedback loop, being able to test with real services and dependencies before merging the code into a shared branch, or even during (remote) development. Remote development enables developers to start coding in the cloud within minutes - or even seconds - on a production-like setup that reflects changes in real-time. Code can still sit on the local machine, or it can be located solely in the remote containers, it is a metter of choice. But everything is integrated with the developer's local IDE, which allows for the same development experience that local development has. With EaaS, the manual or semi-automated work of spinning up environments becomes a thing of the past, as do many other pains, such as having constant idle times in a developer's day, rework due to configuration differences, or having releases blocked by a single last-minute issue. Isolation of features is key; it also enables true end-to-end individual (automated) testing. Onboarding becomes a bliss for new developers, while keeping focus is enabled for all team members. Bunnyshell is a self-service environment management platform that helps developers to increase velocity and maintain their focus by simplifying the process of creating and managing environments. And don't worry, costs are also kept in check. EaaS is not designed to replace your existing CI/CD pipelines, but instead it allows you to integrate with them. It truly allows the developers to have their own simplified space, enabling the true embrace of the "shift left" culture.


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