PHP7 And Beyond: The Future of PHP


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Allan Barbosa at 16:57 on 9 Oct 2016

Excelente Talk, muitas novidades, muitas explicações. O Anthony é um fera. Obrigado.

Ivan Rosolen at 20:50 on 9 Oct 2016


Felix Costa at 23:23 on 9 Oct 2016

A fantastic talk. The slides in portuguese helped others who have not mastered english. Thanks, Anthony!!

Nao entedia muito por esta em Ingles, mais falta de min aprender o idioma

Excelente palestra, vi as inovações do PHP 7, eu mais do que tudo me incentivou a fazer parte da comunidade de PHP

Excellent talk, behind the slides we could figure the message: we as communities are the future of php, and we can do anything to contribute. Mr. Anthony is awesome, speak slowly and some slides were made in Portuguese to help us understand. He also showed how we should behave in conflicting situations like sometimes happens in internals.