"Serverless" is the one hot topic of the past years. "Serverless functions" can be incredibly useful and supported by all major cloud providers. I want to compare this to the beginnings of PHP and how we can do very similar things with low effort and without any super fancy tools.

"Serverless functions" are basically "functions as a service". But what makes this so special? And why did PHP do most of this from it's beginning? I want to show how things worked when I started with PHP >10 years ago and how similar this was to todays "serverless functions". How you can easily create specific endpoints that do one specific thing, without writing a single line of code that handles routing. Even without writing a single line of configuration. "Serverless functions" are something bold and awesome and new and fancy, but they are not es special as they might look on first sight.

The talk is supposed to be entertaining. I don't want to talk people into using "functions as a service" or into not using them. But it might be interesting to know where things came from and that PHP might have inspired this whole development of the past years.


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