How to Migrate Anything with Baleen


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Marco Perone at 16:04 on 31 Jan 2016

Nice talk and nice tool! I really hope it gets widely adopted

Wim Godden at 14:46 on 2 Feb 2016

Really nice talk about a big step forward in migration systems. Hoping that a lot of projects migrate their migrations to this ;-)

Bart Reunes at 08:57 on 3 Feb 2016

This could become a game changer! Hopefully the big frameworks start to pick Baleen up, and start using it underlying their own implementations.
There might be too much focus on explaining why depending on Baleen could be a good thing for others, as one could easily find arguments for the opposite too: a new dependency on an external library might introduce some problems. The more you try to explain about the benefits, the more some critics will be responding with the cons. Most developers already know what the good or bad is about packages (using composer every day).
I for one would have loved to hear more about Baleen itself, and the way it works and can be integrated, because it really is an interesting idea, and worth the time.

Daz at 12:33 on 3 Feb 2016

Loved it on so many levels. Great example of how frameworks can cooperate and combine efforts. Great example of DDD in action. Great example of reusable PHP package design. Thanks!