Have you ever been stuck in a frameworks (outdated) template engine you must use in your day-to-day job? Where you rather start using something fresh you really like? You would love to have a choice for twig, markdown or something else! The thing you run into all the time that it is a real PITA or (near) impossible because you'll need to replace all the existing template files. Who's gonna pay for that kind of change?

I'll share a working concept where you implement a Template Bridge with some simple(or advanced) rules and start using whatever you like. You can also mix template engines, for instance; markdown, twig, yaml, javascript, plain text and a fallback on the original engine. This way you can start working and only migrate files you are working on and leave other files untouched. It'll be awesome and will save you a lot of time.

The talk will be technical, we'll cover some existing implementations and how you could kick-off for your project.


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