Whether you are moving away from a monolithic web application to a microservices oriented architecture or just have loads of sites to manage; you can benefit from running your own private managed cloud. In this talk, I will be introducing you to the wondrous world of containers and container orchestration using Docker, Rancher and Cattle. Even if you don’t plan on a really large infrastructure, as soon as you have more than a couple of servers you too can benefit from this.


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Peter Dorn at 10:15 on 19 Apr 2017

The talk was well prepared and very structured. It was a long talk, but very informative. The first slides to understand the underlying problem, could perhaps be a little bit shorter. I got very inspired and will certainly try to build something with docker. The live-demo with Rancher was very surprising and got me really enthusiastic. Thumbs up!

Cool topic, we got a whole lot more than we asked for =)
Still needs some bits and bites in fitting it in time.

The demo afterwards for docker related software was also enjoyable and clarified a lot.

Goede info, duidelijke taal en goed te verstaan. Je ziet het enthousisme duidelijk terug in de presentatie!

Presentatie was wel wat aan de lange kant, het had van mij iets korter/krachtiger gemogen hier en daar.. maar kan zijn dat dit komt omdat ik al ervaring met Docker heb.

Verder niets op aan te merken!