New paradigms for your business domain


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Anonymous at 19:17 on 26 Aug 2012

I really enjoyed the presentation!

Cramming EBI, DCI and CQRS into a 45 minute presentation isn't all that easy.

Especially with two people presenting and when showing off code samples for every approach.

I missed some sort of initial pitch that showed me what problems these approaches can solved and what parts of my application they are needed for. I didn't quite follow up on the "The M of the MVC" analogy but since the title and abstract and a couple of slides talked about "your business domain" i was able to then follow the examples.

For me at least the code samples where concise and easy to follow but I'm not sure if words like "boundary" (interaction between controllers and domain objects in that case?) where explained clearly enough.

If i had to make up a suggestion on how to improve that I'd say: "Start off by showing me a controller that contains the whole code/use case, explain what parts belong elsewhere and why and then show me concepts for doing so".

All in all a very enjoyable presentation that I'd like to see followed up by more detailed talks!