Singletons in PHP - Why they are bad and how you can eliminate them from your applications


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Informative - even if you thought you knew all about singletons - and well presented.

Nothing new, but well presented, with good examples.

Well presented & easy to understand talk!

Nice and informative presentation.

The talk presented a very good overview of the reasons why the use of Singletons should generally be discouraged and presented good alternatives.

A solid talk about a topic that still comes up in the PHP community even so it's 2011. Going into "create only one" and application architecture / dependency injection isn't ether for a speaker.

Ether the audience knows what you talk about and you bore them or they don't know and full blown DI is a rather hard concept. So the speaker took the middle road between both approaches and presented the common counter arguments against most of what he suggested which worked out quite well.

Very good talk. Many usefull informations. Thanks!