Backing up in Laravel


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Wouter Sioen at 11:12 on 15 Apr 2016

The talk itself was interesting and was presented in a very clear and calm way. It was fun and easy to listen too.

The topic was not that interesting for me, since I don't work with Laravel. Because of this, I was hoping to get a deeper insight in the code and the process to build the package, than the features itself.

So overal a good talk, but it didn't align with my expectations and I hoped to see more code. The package looks great though.

Nice talk and interesting package. Wouldn' mind to have seen a few more packages or some code.

Niels C at 15:18 on 18 Apr 2016

Nicely brought and clearly explained.
For me topic was also bit low level, dumping your entire db is not possible for everyone and for some backing up your filesystem doesn't really make sense. But that's personal.
What I would have found interesting is how laravel makes this easy and how packages exactly plug into laravel (codewise/configwise), so I could learn more about laravel and about building packages.

Great talk, nice slides, and a surprising topic.
The use case is a little specific for me.

Thanks and keep it up!