Writing maintainable code


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Excellent talk. You delivered the content in a casual and calm way and were clearly enthusiastic about the subject.

The recorded video's were a nice way to avoid the pitfalls of live coding. Because you are a vim ninja and made lightning fast edits they sometimes were a bit hard to follow. A slide after the video with a summary of what just happened was a good idea.

I felt that the talk was also a bit on the long side. You could shorten it by just starting with solid. Or, you could opt to split the talk in two: one about solid, one about object calisthenics.

Every developer should know the things you've said during your talk, so spread the word by giving this talk at other user groups / conferences.

Explained some points very well. I liked the videos as they made sure the code parts did't take to long (or go wrong).
Very interesting topic and nice to see those things pointed out to more developers.

Niels C at 15:25 on 18 Apr 2016

Nice talk, good to have some practical guidelines which you can use as a junior, or share as a senior. Sometimes I just know the code "feels wrong", but this helped figuring out what can be improved.
For me the video wasn't really added value, I preferred the code summaries after the video. I would be in favor of more extended code samples and no video (or live coding). Maybe that would also improve the duration of the talk.

Really nice to have a good example and work with that for most of the items. Would've been perfect if you would find one that would fit all cases!

Great talk, neetly packed well structured and good code examples! This topic should be praised more often. I minor nitpick would be speed of the videos :) I was a little fast.