As developers, we try to follow best practices in our daily work. One such best practice is internationalization, a term that's used a lot in the ever globalizing world in which we live. However, it's often not fully understood or not used to its full extent. In this presentation, I'm going to explain the concept behind internationalization, localization, and their benefits. I will show how culture influences the user's behaviour and why we need to do more than just "making things translatable". For example, I18N is also about date formats, text direction, meaning of symbols, and even humor. Internationalization has a massive impact on user acceptance and usability. I will highlight existing tools, interfaces, and best practices to get I18N right in the UIs we create and the code we write.


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Ekin H. Bayar at 12:38 on 26 May 2018

It was a great topic and presentation. I will be definitely making use of things I have learned from this talk. Thanks a lot for informing us on getting i18n right in the user interfaces we create and products we build.