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Great delivery. Liked his style.

Good content and he answered all my questions.

Enjoyed the session. Good overview of Puppet that filled in some gaps for me. Enjoyed a quick Drupal chat afterwards too!

Good talk and troubleshooting of vagrand/puppet.

Test change vote.

Great session. I now feel confident enough to start working on my own vagrant/puppet instances.

I NOW understand the importance of vagrant and puppet AND feel more confident in giving it a go.

Will you be publishing your notes?

Thanks, Marcus! :-)

Thanks Richard…there aren't much in the way of notes from the tutorial, but I published a slidedeck from an earlier Vagrant talk, which covers a lot of the topics we discussed and gives some good references.

You can find it at

Served well as a refresher for me and picked up some Puppet as well. Shame about the dodgy Internet for some portions. Thank goodness for tethering.

Great tutorial, that was my much needed bootstrap into provisioning world!
I think everyone having the same versions/baseboxes would require less troubleshooting and allow more focus on the topic itself. But even now it was great

Excellent stuff.

Had some issues early on which might have been a barrier usually, but with Marcus there he helped me through this.

Internet was a bit sporadic.

Good tutorial hampered by some version problems causing oddities. Having everyone on the same version would have helped (bad wifi/internet really didn't help).