Build your first Symfony2 application


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Tutorial was really good, a lot of detail covered in a short space of time. I was a little slow to keep up and being able to write in all the examples (I did break my environment though...). Perhaps it would be useful to allow us to see the slides online at the same time, we could then refer to a previous slide if we missed something.

Other than that thank you!

This tutorial was very high-paced for a beginners tutorial. If (like me) you did not have any noteworthy prior experience with compser, doctrine or annotations, you would probably have a hard time following. I also missed some more basic information on the working of the framework like the routing for instance, other than something like 'these annotations take care of the routing'.

Nontheless, I do think the trainer has very good teaching skills and obviously knows what he's talking about.

Very useful talk for beginners and we also had time to go over more detailed questions at the end!


Excellent tutorial. I appreciated Stefan's teaching skills and how he made things easy to grasp also to those with no experience with Symfony.