Building scalable PHP applications using Google's App Engine


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Really appreciated the real world example, really helped in illustrating the platform.

I'm going to have a go when I get home

Excellent talk. Great speakers, nice that we had an real example.

Different than expected. The example added that technical part that made it much more practical and interesting.

Rich Sage at 12:16 on 5 Oct 2013

Great talk. The real-world example of made the examples much more relevant and accessible, and the presentation was clear and friendly.

As always a very enthusiastic talk from Ian that made me want to go and start tinkering with the app engine almost immediately. Having Mandy there was great as it provided an extra level to the talk. The example using was well delivered and came across much better than any "hello world" app ever could have as it gave a real world experience for someone who might want to migrate to app engine.

Great talk and speakers. Something I'd no real intention of using going into the talk but would like to check out now.

I've never really considered using Google App Engine before, but Ian and Maindy certainly made the case for it without this talk becoming a sales pitch.

Great speakers and a great talk. The real world example of reproducing was the perfect hook to show just how easy it could be to migrate current apps over.

Take away is that we will certainly be exploring this service in the future.

Really well presented talk on App Engine. Both speakers were clear, fluent and knowledgeable. Using a real world, familiar application made the subject seem more accessible. It's also good to hear requests for feedback on the service from the users.

So many points I didn't know about appengine, very useful. The dynamic between both speakers also worked well.

Very useful talk, definitely will check it out. If I ever find the time, sigh.

Great, enthusiastic talk made highly relevant to the audience by the example. Looking forward to trying out the platform

Great talk. Very well presented. The info gained will ensure an easier transition of apps to GAE.

Good talk :), good to see a practical example.

Superb - the practical example made it so much less of a promo and so much more of real-life situation analysis + coverage of key differences from ordinary LAMP stacks

Anonymous at 09:36 on 7 Oct 2013

I felt it was more of an advertisement for App engine even though it seemed flawed to me over other providers such as Amazon Ec2

A lot of good information here, will be giving App Engine a try! I can understand the Google advertisement criticism, but Ian clearly highlighted the pitfalls/work arounds required from a PHP perspective.

Great talk, useful to see a practical example.

Delivery was concise and well polished.

I will definitely be looking into this as a possible solution to some of our problems.

Great talk, as it started I was a little worried that I was going to be subject to an hours sales pitch to buy into App Engine or time-share or something, but the detail the two speakers went into on how the infrastructure worked was very interesting. The dynamic between the two worked well and the case study example was very useful. A great insight into how one of Google's products operates.

Good talk, well delivered. Learnt what I was hoping to learn from the talk.

It was a very interesting talk by 2 good speaks. As others have mentioned the dynamic between them was good.

The infrastructure detail and impacts to a PHP app were really interesting and useful. I really enjoyed how they used to demonstrate a real world example. For me, this is what clinched the 5 rating.

Very good talk, both Ian and Maindy got their points across very well. It was interesting to discover some of the things that would have to be completed differently from running a PHP application within a normal web server.

It has certainly inspired me to give the platform a try in the future.

Very good talk, well delivered. Learnt some good stuff about google engine and the limitation of the php runtime. Will definitely give it a go at some point. Also loved the fact that it was based on a real world example and explained how the problems found were resolved.

The joint talk did not work for me, it seemed that Mandy was a bit left aside and Ian took the stage at some point. But it did not affect the delivery. So not so much bothered about that bit.

Interesting concept and nicely presented.
Yes is was a talk to sell a service, but it wasn't a hard sell with dry facts.
Demoed using the source code, giving developers a good sense of what can be acheived in the real world.

A few down sides, one of which being confined to the version of PHP that they provide.
Thus a developer has to keep their product constantly up to date with the platform.
Maybe this should be done anyway, but not all companies have the resources and budget to keep pace with it.

Good talk, well delivered. Interesting all round to see the Google App Engine in action, and Ian did a great job taking the time to deploy a real web app to it for the sake of the talk.

Came away not quite sure what I gained from it other than enjoying the demo of a project and explanation of a cool Google service.

Quite an interesting talk and fairly well developed. Not quite convinced about the platform but nice to see actual code examples in the talk.

Quite an interesting talk and fairly well developed. Not quite convinced about the platform but nice to see actual code examples in the talk.

My fear was that it would be just a hard sell of Google's products, but I was pleasantly surprised. It opened my eyes to how different hosting platforms can be, and how important it is to abstract the interaction with the platform. Great example project they took us through.