Drupal has come back to the fold. It's time to pay attention


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We are only 10mins in and I'm enjoying the talk already.

As a non Drupal user. I found the talk very interesting and wasn't too heavy on the backend world.

I'm inspired to download and have a play. And as said in the talk. The opportunity cost is low to learning now that Drupal has come back and reduced the drupalisms!

Marcus spoke well in great balance between comedy and Presented information. The slides were very good in backing up what was said.

Nice talk, it raised my interest for Drupal 8, after a "terrible" experience with maintaining a legacy massive website developed years ago in Drupal 6.

As a classic music fan, I loved the quotation of Bach and Goldberg Variations!

Thanks a lot.

Rich Sage at 14:57 on 5 Oct 2013

Marcus has a very nice presentation style, and I found him very engaging. It was good to hear about the D8 improvements and I'm definitely keen to have more of a play with it. Some more code examples of the improvements might have been nice but otherwise a great talk, thanks! :)

Enjoyed a bit of Drupal history, as well as an update on the Drupal project. Well delivered and paced talk.

Not a Drupal user but great speaker and some interesting points raised with regards to community opinion on CMSs like Drupal made this a great talk. Good to see some of the changes coming with version 8.

Very interesting talk and great speaker. Even when you're not a Drupal developer, it helps you think about how we tend to look at things we're not familiar with.

Anonymous at 23:42 on 6 Oct 2013

Haven't used Drupal in quite a while but he's convinced me to come back into the fold with Drupal 8.

Great talk, good highlights of why now is the good time to have a look at Drupal 8 for the experienced PHP developers and likely make it a CMS of choice.

Good talk, very well delivered. If I would not be at a similar talk last year at Symfony Live, I would definitely learn a lot of things. This time I thought I am actually gonna learn something specific about Drupal, but I could only blame myself by not reading the abstract properly.

In overall I am really happy seeing Drupal coming back to PHP community. I am more then sure it's the right move!

I enjoyed the talk and speaking style it was well delivered and the various points made really well. I found the correlating of PHP versions to Drupal releases quite interesting. The last time I used Drupal for Development was version 6 and now that version 8 is using some Symfony components it might be something to consider for future projects. Marcus is also clearly knowledgeable on Drupal so the Q and A was really good.

You've certainly convinced me to give Drupal a fresh look. It was an interesting, entertaining, and persuasive talk - and I'm glad I attended