Dysfunctional Programming


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Interesting material presented by someone that clearly understands the different coding paradigms... though I'm not totally certain of the justifications for using functional programming in a lot of practical applications. It still feels like an "ivory towers" theoretical paradigm that hasn't yet found a niche for itself in the real world.

Interesting to look at programming in a different light and how maybe... OO isn't always the solution, thanks for inspiring us to see it in other ways :)

Well delivered talk on some of the ideas around mutability and functional structures, with plenty of examples in PHP. I enjoyed it a lot!

Anonymous at 15:33 on 6 Oct 2013

Content is excellent, fascinating stuff. Igor had a tough room with lots of people moving in and out, talking in the halls, etc, but still held it together so bonus points for that. Could use some sprucing up before submitting elsewhere but this will be a really good talk.

Great fun and a good chunk of very applicable points even for people working mainly with PHP.