How Silex and Cilex became the glue for a media transcoding application


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A short but very sweet talk on an interesting subject. Stefan is always great to listen to. May be some code snippets or more explanation about the interaction between the layers would be helpful. Also may be showing some images of the system "in action" would help too.

Good talk, but ran just a bit too short. While Silex and Cilex are in the title, that didn't really feel like the prime message of the talk - it was to start small with the problems you have, and expand where it makes sense. Silex and Cilex just happen to be tools which fit that model (and this particular use case) well.

I think there is probably a richer version of this talk that combines two or three different stories about building and evolving applications using small adaptable components. Having just one case study meant that it was easy to be distracted by interesting technical details (I ended up skimming the codem docs during the talk!) that were mentioned, but that actually distracted slightly from the central point. Combining multiple stories could illuminate the core principle more.

Good talk, if a little short. Maybe a little bit of technical content wouldn't have hurt. Having said that, I wouldn't have considered Cilex before, but I will in future!

Whilst an interesting subject I think more information on the benefits of Silex and Cilex aided by code samples (maybe the odd humorous meme!) would have helped pad things out a bit.

Otherwise, a good explanation of the reasons for using said frameworks. I left with a clear picture of the scenario due to a good delivery. Thanks you!

Whilst it was an interesting talk I didn't really take anything away from it. It was essentialy a case study but the only lesson was "use the right tool for the job" which we hopefully all know anyway. That said, the speaker was very engaging and the subject matter itself was interesting and unusual enough to hold my attention.

Start felt a little unplanned, but as the talk went on it gained pace. I do feel however there could be a bit more material in there for us to dig our teethe into. Speaking style was good and the information was both presented well and easy to follow.

Good one for a codeless talk, but maybe you should add some in the future and also consider the Silex / Cilex integration via the Cilex Console Service Provider; as this might be a valid feature for other users of this combo. I guess the time would also allow some sort of demoing.

I enjoyed the "case study" nature to the talk, it was an interesting client and project. I don't really feel I know anything about Cilex or Skrillex but the takeaway of using the right tool for the job was certainly valid. Despite being a case study some code examples would have given the talk a bit more depth, and length!

Anonymous at 21:45 on 7 Oct 2013

Speaking style and the way the information was presented was really good. The message I took away was using the right tool for the job but thats not what I expected from the title of the talk. It ran a bit short so my feeling is that there could maybe some more in depth bits on cilex and silex. Maybe some code examples or in depth architecture diagram. Sounded like an interesting project and very different use case for PHP.

The central theme of the talk was to use the right tool for the right job, and that requirements change. Perhaps lacking in some of the detail of the implementation(s), but still a well delivered and entertaining talk.