How the Internet Works


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I do believe it was a firewall issue...

Anyway, hard one to rate content wise, but I did like the way it was brought.

Hard core topic for the hangover slot. Several things I failed to fully grasp fully but I guess there is a lot I have to learn. It's made me go away and do some more learning.

Learnt some useful info here, but presenter seemed un-prepared ("oh, I forgot to put the routing slides in..").

Also the snide remarks get a bit tiresome - we want to learn useful info from you, not hear you complain about how everyone else is stupid and makes mistakes.

Tom - Thanks!

Nathaniel - I'm glad it's prompted you to look into more content. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know [email protected]

Chris - Fair point. You're right about being under prepared - it was content I thought about during the night before and didn't include in the slide deck. I'll bear in mind the comments about the snide remarks in the future. In my head it was supposed to have been funny, but I clearly crossed a line, so sorry. Thanks for the feedback.