Models and Service Layers - Hemoglobin and Hobgoblins


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Excellent talk. Great delivery. Thank you :-)

Really the best talk of the day! Lots of inspiration for next implementations in projects. Thanks :)

My most enjoyable talk of the day. Great content and really engaging. I hope we'll see more of you in the future Ross.

PS I share your man crush.

Nice talk! A bit confusing where entities were labeled as models but I guess that's something that depends on which design pattern school you follow

Best talk of the day. Great content and great delivery. Some really interesting concepts - I'll definitely being looking more into the domain event pattern and checking out some of the listed resources. Hope to see more talks from you at future conferences.

A brilliant talk. Flawlessly delivered, and the content touched on the principles just enough to give you a decent overview without trying to go too far and losing your interest.

Fantastic talk, superb delivery.

Clear presentation. Humour was used in a good way. Kept the audience awake and interested.

Excellent coverage of some of the things going on today and certainly worth looking into. Loved Ross's humour and smoothness (and the hat!)

Fast delivery, but didn't lose any of the content. Covered an interesting subject in an amusing and articulate way that was educational and entertaining.

Brilliant talk and great delivery. This was the one that really blew mind mind (maybe as it was at the end of the day). Can't wait to re-watch on video and really look into the topic more.

Ross's presentation style was snappy and funny, which helped keep people on board with a complex topic.

Thanks, this was one of my favourite talks.

Good talk, good pace. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous at 23:52 on 6 Oct 2013

Great ideas and really well presented. Made me want to immediately change how I implement certain things. Looking forward to the slides for this talk!

Great talk Ross, you were engaging and articulated the topic with ease. Thumbs up since you have only been speaking publicly for a relatively short amount of time.

Keep up the good work look forward to seeing you speak again

I thought the talk was great and made me think about the work i'm doing and thinking how to improve it

Very interesting talk, well presented, but delivered at break-neck speed. I'm not sure people would have been able to keep up, unless they understood it all thoroughly to start with.

Anonymous at 12:01 on 7 Oct 2013

Great delivery, useful introduction to a complex design problem with much food for thought to take away.

Great talk (favourite of the weekend). Lost me briefly at Pokey, but I think that was due to the high pace of the talk (259 slides... wow).

I hardly dare say it again, but it was another excellent talk! (I've seen a couple more by Ross).
Complex concepts presented with a lot of style and flair; it had me laughing and captivated for the duration of the talk, even though it was at the end of a long day.
I would have liked even more of an in depth view of the code samples on the commands.

The best talk of the conference for me. An absolute winner. Will have to watch the video again once its out. So many things to take and put into practice. Will definitely explore the topic in more depth.

Delivered perfectly, smoothly. It was a pleasure. I hope I will have many more opportunities to listen Ross talk, he's got real talent!

One of the best talks of the weekend. Highly entertaining :)

Fantastic talk, the best of the day for me. Loads of interesting content presented very clearly and engagingly with plenty of humour and examples. And despite the large amount of content and the copious example code, nothing felt rushed. A very enjoyable way to end the day, topped of, literally, with a great hat.

Anonymous at 16:02 on 8 Oct 2013

The speaker was wearing a hat indoors which I found confusing and bewildering.

Speed of talking and, more importantly, the speed of the slides (especially slides that had a LOT of code on them) disappearing was TOO FAST!

The unclear title didn't help, but the breakneck speed of this advanced material made this my least favourite talk of the conference.

The speaker definitely was very skilled and the topic was very important. It was the best talk on the conference (MPO).

Anyway, at some point it was difficult to keep up with the slides, he was talking really fast.

I like his talking speed and rhythm. Fast. It was like a riding on a roller-coaster. Highly entertaining. Also interesting and import topic for modern architecture. My most favorite talk of the conference !

Best talk of the day. Huge amount of interesting and colmplex knowledge compacted in a well receivable talk. Speeker was very skilled and prepared, clearly knowing what he's talking about. Slides were a great to sopport his points.

However... regardless how many and high quality the slides are, they not tell enough in themselves. If you've not seen the talk just go through the slides, you cannot understand enough. If you've seen the talk it will keep your knowledge refreshed and help remembering, but without the talk they're not enough. Probably would need more description on some and sticking a few more wordy explanation slides here and there putting things in context.

Also my favourite talk of the day. So much information it had to be delivered at twice the normal bandwidth! Great, now looking forward to reading more to fill in the missing areas in my understanding which were highlighted.