Productivity & the Pomodoro Technique


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a nervous start for Erika which blossomed into a good talk on all aspects of maintaining productivity.

Anonymous at 18:36 on 5 Oct 2013

A nice talk about an issue that affects all of us. The pace was good and the elephpants broke the slides up well.
As another member off the floor pointed out, the solution is better suited to a private environment as opposed to an office, but many of the principles can be adapted.
All the best in your future talks.

Good talk about how to manage productivity. Led to an interesting discussion on how to handle disruption in an office environment

A great talk about an issue that affects all of us (and anyone who says it doesn't is kidding themselves!). Certainly had some great tips and things to try out, which I definitely will be giving a shot. And seeing if any of these methods can possibly work in a busy open-plan office environment.

Definitely not the best talk I've seen (content wise), but for me it came as a light and refreshing 'break' from the more heavy/serious main tracks.

She probably does have quite a way to go presentation wise, but in some strange an particular way the nervousity/uncertainty combined with that great smile actually was very pleasant to see.

An interesting talk that introduced me a concept I've not heard too much about, I'm going to investigate more :-)
A few nerves but once settled Erika proved a very engaging speaker

Great story and very nice slides! Very engaging speaker who showed that she knew what she was talking about :)