Setting up a Continuous Delivery environment in 3 hours


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An interesting and informative session on continuous integration by an entertaining speaker. Definitely gave me some new knowledge to use in the future. A pity that the internet gods slightly reduced the coding part of the session.

I wonder if some of the teething issues with VMs could be eased by supplying the source materials ahead of time?

Good insights on the advantages / disadvantages of automation of deployments. Good coverage of the bare bones of automating a deploy. Too short time for more then that and expand on the finer details.

Excellent session. Very good speaker with huge amount of knowledge and practice. Thank You very much again.

Anonymous at 08:11 on 5 Oct 2013

Good stuff. Could spend a whole weekend on this! Inspired to look into lots of new tools and processes.

Mike was energetic and knowledgeable. Is or will there be a link to the slides and files used for the tutorial?

Good session covering a lot of ground. The actual 'doing' half seemed quite compressed (by internet/number of people/trying to get things set up) and I wonder if it might be even better as two sessions: the first covering whys and wherefores and different strategies; the second doing more hands-on playing with implementing them.

I learnt quite a bit on strategies and gotchas which I know will serve me well. To be honest I'm a bit gutted I didn't get more time to code but good to see what we would have produced.

Alex Ross at 22:21 on 6 Oct 2013

An entertaining talk by Mike about continuous deployment. Shame we ran out if time configure Jenkins and the conference internet couldn't cope with all of our downloads. Would be great to get hold of the VM prior to the talk or have more time to spend with Mike configuring Vagrant, Phing and Jenkins.

Thank you all for attending and your kind comments, I have released the code and slides. Please see the info box for their location!